NAKED GIRL takes Marty’s money

In the novel, MISTER MARTY by Jim Fuller the teenage boy gets a glimpse of prostitution. The following lines are excerpted directly from the pages of the novel. “She invited the three of them to sit in chairs along one wall and closed the door behind them. Without saying a word, she kicked off her shoes and began unbuttoning her blouse. Marty’s heart began to pound and his face felt hot. He couldn’t believe she was actually going to undress with them watching ——–”   To learn more about the book click on “Books By Jim Fuller” beneath the header above.

About authorjim

I grew up in the country near a small Montana town, I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors, working, fishing, hunting and camping but have always been interested in mechanical and electrical things. Most of my life has been spent in the use, care and repair of things mechanical, electrical an electronic. After being retired for several years, I began writing and published my first novel at the age of 79. Now, at the age of 82, I have recently published my fourth noveland it is available from me or from the pulisher or book distributor.
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5 Responses to NAKED GIRL takes Marty’s money

  1. bldodson says:

    I’d like to ask you some questions re: your experience writing after 74 if you have some free time.
    My e-mail is:


  2. bldodson says:

    Wow! You give me courage. I am now 74 and sometimes wonder how long my brain will be working well enough for me to continue writing.


    • authorjim says:

      Hi, thanks for the visit. I got a chuckle out of your comment and I know what you mean. I have had the same doubts for at least ten years and I’m sure there are some who would declare that it is already too late. Please come back again, maybe I can figure out a way to have a cup of coffee waiting for you. Ha.


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