»»»»  If at first you don’t succeed,   blame the

Republicans!!  »»»»

MILLERS AND FLIES    by Jim Fuller


About authorjim

I grew up in the country near a small Montana town, I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors, working, fishing, hunting and camping but have always been interested in mechanical and electrical things. Most of my life has been spent in the use, care and repair of things mechanical, electrical an electronic. After being retired for several years, I began writing and published my first novel at the age of 79. Now, at the age of 82, I have recently published my fourth noveland it is available from me or from the pulisher or book distributor.
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  1. gpcox says:

    When you’re on my site, do have any suggestions that could improve my writing?


    • authorjim says:

      Hey, thanks for stopping by again. Next time I’ll try to have the coffee pot on. Golly, I have been visiting your site and reading your posts simply for the pleasure and the fine stories, never with any thought of being a critic. I will try to be a little more observing and let you know if i see anything that I think needs improvement but I don’t expect to find anything.


  2. i would have said hello when you wrote to me a few months ago,if i had seen your post.i was using internet explorer and couldn’t see what people said on old posts.


    • authorjim says:

      Hey, thanks for stopping by and taking time to like my post. I find that Internet Explorer, like much of Microsoft software, is inferior to others. I have gone to Google Chrome but I go back to Explorer sometimes because of one feature. That is, that when I find a site that I want a shortcut to, I can create the shortcut with Explorer but haven’t found any way to do that with Google.


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