In the early dawn hours this morning something killed an Antelope less than 150 yards from our house. When the sun was up and the light was good we saw three Bald Eagles and two Golden Eagles on the carcass, tearing pieces of flesh from it and devouring them. Approximately two dozen Ravens were clustered around the area, bravely trying to dash in and get a bite now and then and hoping there would be something left for them when the eagles had gotten their fill. By the end of the day there was nothing left of the Antelope but bones and a few pieces of hide.

Bald Eagles feeding on a carcass.

I don’t know what had killed the Antelope but the most likely guess would be an Eagle.

Golden Eagle

Young Eagle on our yard fence
after finishing off a cottontail rabbit.




I took this picture a few years ago of a young Eagle perched on our yard fence after it had killed and eaten a Cottontail rabbit almost in our yard.

About authorjim

I grew up in the country near a small Montana town, I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors, working, fishing, hunting and camping but have always been interested in mechanical and electrical things. Most of my life has been spent in the use, care and repair of things mechanical, electrical an electronic. After being retired for several years, I began writing and published my first novel at the age of 79. Now, at the age of 82, I have recently published my fourth noveland it is available from me or from the pulisher or book distributor.
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