Dear Agnes

Dear Agnes,

I hope you can help me with my problem before it completely destroys my life.  The problem is that every time I go to bed I start imagining that there are bad and dangerous people lurking under the bed. I know it can’t be true but the fear just grows and grows until it overwhelms me and I have to get out of the bed to keep from going crazy. Besides being totally worn out from lack of sleep I am nearly destitute from the expense of psychiatrists and remedies. Please, do you know anywhere that I can turn for help?  I am at my wits end.


Dear Wits End,

Stop throwing your money away on psychiatrists and go to the hardware store.  Buy yourself a saw and then go home and saw the legs off that bed. There ain’t no bad things going to be able to get under it when there are no legs on it.

About authorjim

I grew up in the country near a small Montana town, I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors, working, fishing, hunting and camping but have always been interested in mechanical and electrical things. Most of my life has been spent in the use, care and repair of things mechanical, electrical an electronic. After being retired for several years, I began writing and published my first novel at the age of 79. Now, at the age of 82, I have recently published my fourth noveland it is available from me or from the pulisher or book distributor.
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4 Responses to Dear Agnes

  1. Ha! my kinda advice! 🙂


  2. gpcox says:

    Common sense wisdom!


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