Judah, the youngest child of Sgt. Samuel, was only a month past his first birthday when his father died. He was born at Preston, Connecticut and had four older sisters and two older brothers. Judah didn’t do anything to cause his name to go down in history but he remained in Connecticut and did his share toward developing and improving this new land. In February, 1764 he married Abigail Wentworth, the daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth Wentworth. He and Abigail settled at Norwich where they raised five children.
Lemuel, the youngest child of Judah and Elizabeth, was born at Norwich, Connecticut on July 14, 1757. At the time that this young lad was growing up, important things were happening. The heavy hand of England that the Pilgrims had fled a hundred and fifty years earlier was now reaching across the ocean and plucking at the freedoms of these hardy pioneers. But these Pilgrim descendants and all the free-thinking people who had come to join them had no desire or intention of giving up the freedom and independence they had struggled so hard to secure. They began organizing a force of resistance; and, when England came at them with military force, the Revolutionary War was ignited. On November 28, 1775, at the age of 18, Lemuel Fuller enlisted to serve for one year in the military forces of the colonies. He served in Capt. Joseph Jewett’s company in the regiment of Col. Jediah Huntington. He saw service in various parts of the colonies and was discharged January 1, 1777. It may be that this tour of duty took him to Framingham, Massachusetts where he met a girl that he was attracted to and later followed her family into New Hampshire. Or it may be that he simply decided to seek his fortunes in New Hampshire as quite a number of others from Connecticut did. For whatever reason, when he was a young man in his twenties, Lemuel Fuller arrived in New Hampshire and spent the rest of his life there and in Vermont, dying at Bristol, New Hampshire in 1840. At about the age of 28 he married Eleanor Gibbs. This girl, who was commonly called Elana, was quite probably the daughter of Isaac and Lois Gibbs. This family moved from Framingham to Marlborough in 1787 when Elana was about nineteen years old.
Lemuel and Elana settled at Bradford, Vermont where they had nine children but the eighth one died in infancy. Then, just two weeks before Christmas, in 1816 Elana died. Fortunately, by this time the youngest child was thirteen years old so she did not leave any infants needing her care. About two years later Lemuel married again to a woman by the name of Polly and had two more daughters.
Several of the children of this family, when they reached adulthood, moved into southeastern Quebec. Gibbs,  Nabba and Lemuel Jr. are known to have gone to Quebec and possibly others.
When Lemuel Jr. Was 22 he married Betsy Sherman, a girl of 19 from Lisbon, New Hampshire. For about five years this young couple lived around Topsham, Vermont and Piermont, New Hampshire. Today there is still a mountain near Topsham named Fuller Mountain. Then, in about 1822, after their third child, they moved to  Abbotsford, Quebec where they lived for the next four years. Two more children, a daughter and a son, were born there. So now, they had five children; Damon, Emery, Sherman, Phoebe and Gibbs.
It was about 1826 when Lemuel and Betsy Fuller moved for the last time. This time they moved to Granby, Quebec and settled on a farm between Granby and  Cowansville. Their farm was about fifty rods west of the main highway and the last one in Granby township, next to the township of East  Farnham. Lemuel was a devoted farmer and he and Betsy lived out their lives on their farm. In their own way, they were doing their part as pioneers in settling the new world. Five more children were born and raised here. They were; Peter, Julia, Elana, Lemuel and Maria.


Excerpted from “Wool Trompers” by J. L. Fuller

History takes on new meaning when an ancestor is part of it, such as when Judah Fuller’s son, Lemuel, is involved in the revolutionary war. Join in and tell us if you have any ancestors who took part in any historical events during the building of this nation and tell it with pride.

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