SOCKS by Jim Fuller


  SOCKS by Jim Fuller

SOCKS was my first novel. After publishing a small book about my family history and genealogy, a friend of mine urged me to do some more writing and I eventually decided to take his advice and this was my first effort.

Socks is a highly independent person who has always avoided getting involved with others or making commitments because he didn’t want any entanglements that might jeopardize his independence . However, several people, including two children, in a small community where he went to pursue his trade taught him to appreciate the companionship and support of others. One by one they penetrated his crust and found his heart. While this is happening you are introduced to several unique and interesting characters who are not just people but individuals with their own unique personalities and each with a distinct form of human nature. Knowing how to live alone and be self-sufficient saves him more than once but the companionship and support of others is what makes his life worthwhile and are his ultimate salvation. Throughout the pages of this book you will meet many true-to-life people. Some you will despise and some of them will warm your heart but all of them will seem realistic and believable. There are no super heroes doing impossible things. This is a fascinating story about real people doing realistic but exciting things. 


The following is an excerpt from the book.  Read it to get a feel of what the book is like.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A A careful peek through the branches let him see the other fellow moving in on the other tree with revolver in hand. Step by careful step, the man moved up to the tree until he was close and then leaped around it with the gun ready to blow a hole in something. Finding nothing there, he swept the area with the gun and with his eyes.

“All right,” he shouted, “you might as well come out with your hands high because I have a gun and you don’t and sooner or later I’m gonna get you.”

This truly left Socks in a dilemma because he feared that if he did what the man said and came out with hands up he would be shot. On the other hand, his chances of eluding a man with a loaded gun were not the kind of odds he liked to play, either.Thinking that stalling was probably his best move for right now, he turned his head away in an effort to conceal where his voice came from and said,What do you want from me anyhow? Can’t we talk this over?”

The reply didn’t give him much reason for hope. The fellow said, “We will do the talking after you surrender and, if I am satisfied with what you tell me, maybe I’ll let you go and maybe I won’t. Anyhow, you don’t have much choice so get your carcass out here where I can see you.”

His choice of the word, carcass, didn’t do anything to put Sock’s mind at ease but just then something else gave him a glimmer of hope. Major had come back from his exploring to see why Socks was taking so long. As   he saw the stranger he had stopped to sniff and the hair on the top of his neck bristled. He was moving closer now, and his movements were smooth and silent.

When he was within about two leaps of the man Socks shouted, ” Get him, Major.”

The man started to turn his head but, thinking it was a trick, looked forward again and had just begun to speak when he was slammed in the back by a hundred pounds of flying canine. His head snapped back and his mouth flew open as he was sent sprawling, face forward. onto the ground.The gun went flying as he threw out his hands to try to break his fall. He was only slightly successful in that effort and plowed the dirt and pine needles with his nose and chin. He tried desperately to roll and reach the gun but


Vickey Perry wrote, “Socks, – just read it and it was so enjoyable!!  Need a copy for my library.  After all, there aren’t  many authors in the family so please send two soft copies to me.  Let me know when the next book is ready!”

Lois Lindley wrote, “I just finished reading Socks and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  You write very well and made the characters come alive.”

****This book is available in printed form or in a Kindle edition. For information on prices and buying this book click on HOW TO BUY BOOKS at the top of this page. ****










2 Responses to SOCKS by Jim Fuller

  1. authorjim says:

    First, let me say how much I appreciate you taking the time to look at my books. You probably noticed that nobody has done that before. I have read books by many authors and undoubtedly been influenced by many of them but, frankly, I have never been favorably influenced by Louis L’Amour. He used the same basic theme in so many of his books that a person could usually predict how they were going to end. I don’t think that can be said about SOCKS.


  2. Steeny Lou says:

    For some reason, this book excerpt-o-yourn reminds me of Louis L’Amour’s writing. Is he an influence to you?


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