MARTY’S TOWN by Jim Fuller

MARTY’S TOWN by Jim Fuller

SUMMARY OF MARTY’S TOWN  from the cover. 

 Wesley Taylor is a rather defiant young man who resents being told what to do. He stubbornly tries to get that point across to people and is fairly successful until he butts heads with Marty Clifton who has some prejudices of his own. On his own and without a penny, he gets valuable help and learns a lot about living from several patient and tolerant adults but can’t seem to learn how to get along with young women. Eventually, he and Marty both have the good fortune of learning the meaning of true devotion and loyalty. Loaded with tense moments, this story will keep readers eagerly looking to the next page.

 ABOUT MARTY’S TOWN  from the author.

In this story, I did use some of my personal experience.  Although I never had any of the personal experiences that Wesley has, I did do a little bit of wool tromping when I was about the same age that he is.  I have also seen many of the natural settings that are described in the story.  I was also a mechanic in a small repair shop during some of my early years.   Other than that, the story is made up entirely of events that I could imagine happening to a young man of Wesley’s temperament.  The characters in the book are mostly either similar to people I have known or are composites of ones I have known. I have made it a point not to use any real people in my stories.  Like my three previous stories, I did not have an outline or a plan.  I wanted Wesley to arrive at a certain place somewhere in the story but, otherwise, as he was working his way through one situation I was trying to decide where real life would be likely to take him next. Real life is not a planned adventure and is full of unexpected developments so that is how I wanted it to be for Wesley Taylor.



“Well, look who’s snooping around,” Gordon sneered, it’s the ranch pet.”Pointing a finger at Wesley’s feet, Tony exclaimed, “Look at the fancy boots. Is that the latest style, kid, burlap boots?”

Impulsively, Wesley looked down at his feet and couldn’t help laughing at the big balls of mud- covered burlap where feet should be. Laughing with genuine amusement, he responded with, “Yeah, they’re real eye catchers, aren’t they? But I’ll bet I don’t get kicked out of the dining room.”

 “No, of course not,” Tony added scornfully, “lover boy can get away with anything.” Gordon joined in with, “No, the whore’s not going to make her lover eat outside.”

Wesley’s laughter was instantly dead and his hands turned to fists as he demanded, “Who are you calling a whore?”

Seeing that he had scored a direct hit, Gordon moved in for the kill with, “Who do you think I’m calling a whore? Don’t tell me you don’t know. Of course you know, that’s why you’ve been hanging around her like a stray pup.”

With fists cocked and ready, he started toward Gordon saying, “You’re going to swallow those words and you’re going to choke on them,” but, fortunately, he remembered Sharky’s warning and stopped short of smashing the sneering face.

Instead, he stood toe to toe with Gordon and told him bluntly, “You might as well get your stuff packed because you are leaving here as soon as the shearing is done.” Gordon started to scoff but Wesley cut him off with, “The day the last sheep is sheared I’m going to clean your clock. I’m going to work you over so your mother wouldn’t even recognize you and, when I’m done, I’m going to tell Shane that you started it and he’s going to send you down the road. He won’t have to send me because I’ll be going anyhow so I’ll have nothing to lose.”

“You and what army,” Gordon challenged.

“Nobody needs any army to handle the likes of you. Just take a look at yourself. You been slacking off all your life and you’re as flabby as a kitten.”



  Vickey Perry wrote;  “Just a note of thanks for the long-awaited book!!  I read the first paragraph and now really excited, time to continue on!!

     Liz Mills wrote; “Thank you so much for sending me MARTY’S TOWN so quickly.  An excellent book!  Your best so far I think.  I am now eagerly anticipating the further adventures of Wesley & Beverly and, of course, Marty himself.  I read the book cover to cover in about 7 hours – could not put it down.  Congratulations on your writing and please don’t stop!

     Theresa Fries wrote; “I’d been waiting impatiently for your book to be finished.  I have enjoyed them so much and so has Stan.  He particularly enjoyed SOCKS with the old Model A and the still.


     Ron Burns wrote to the local newspaper;  “I have been having trouble getting to sleep. Let me explain.  About the only time I read is at night when I go to bed.  I basically read myself to sleep.   I am now reading Marty’s Town by Jim Fuller.  He keeps me spellbound and I have been reading three hours at a time, leaving me still wide awake til the wee hours of the morning.  I am amazed at the talent this old man, who lives on a windswept ridge, has.  He can write like a pro.  This is Jim’s fourth book in his series and maybe his best.

****This book is available in print or in a Kindle edition.  For information on prices and buying this book click on HOW TO BUY BOOKS at the top of this page. ****


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