Somewhere in the middle of my high school days I bought a 22 rifle.  I bought it from another student who approached me about buying it.  I decided I wanted to see it before I committed to buying it so he brought it to school.  Yes, he brought it to school and brought it inside the school where I looked it over while we stood in the hallway.  I liked what I saw and gave him $15.00 for it.  That was approximately seventy years ago and I still have that rifle and use it from time to time.  It holds fifteen rounds and is semi-automatic. I am not sure, but I think modern classifications makes it an assault rifle but let me tell you, that rifle has never assaulted anyone.  It has never fired a round at anyone and has never harmed anyone in any way.  It is people who assault other people.  It is people who kill other people and they find many ways to do it.


About authorjim

I grew up in the country near a small Montana town, I have spent a lot of time in the outdoors, working, fishing, hunting and camping but have always been interested in mechanical and electrical things. Most of my life has been spent in the use, care and repair of things mechanical, electrical an electronic. After being retired for several years, I began writing and published my first novel at the age of 79. Now, at the age of 82, I have recently published my fourth noveland it is available from me or from the pulisher or book distributor.
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  1. jfwknifton says:

    You are absolutely right. The problem seems to me, though, is the availability of the weaponry to people who are not nice and level headed like yourself, especially when they feel sudden rage and anger. And also the fact that young mad people seem to have such easy access to guns.


    • authorjim says:

      John, I appreciate your comments. I am always interested in viewpoints of others. This is not a simple problem and there is not a simple solution. My rebuttal to more gun control is; do we put restrictions on the sale of knives or the sale of steel plumbing parts? How about the sale of pressure cookers? How do we control the theft of firearms? I think one of the biggest mistakes we are making is in giving notoriety to those who commit these heinous crimes. After all, this is exactly what most of the shooters and bombers are seeking. A school shooting gets front page, top story treatment for days and other psychos see this and think, “Hey, if I pull off a bigger one, I’ll be noticed. I may be dead but people will remember me and they will see my picture on television every day.”

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